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Service terms and conditions

Feb 2023

We updated our rules on February 1st to state that the transfer of location will only be permitted with the technical unit's approval. Furthermore, the request for changing the IP address requires technical testing.

This agreement is a legally binding contract between you and the Wilbernight software development team for Ehsan Arab Markedeh. By using our services, you agree to all clauses of these terms.

1. Agreements and policies in general

  • As a regular user or registered user, you accept the following conditions by viewing or using Wilbernight Hosting's content, tools, and services. In the event of a dispute between us, the infrastructure service provider, and you, the dear user, this agreement can be used for arbitration or judgment in legal dispute resolution authorities. By using this service, you were able to create an account and order the products in full satisfaction, away from madness and in complete sanity.

  • Since the provisions may be reviewed, revised and updated at any time according to the changes in the laws of the partners and the laws of the country, it is essential that the user always refers to the links related to each of them and is aware of any possible updates and changes they may undergo. The user's failure to refer to these three documents will not prevent the implementation of its provisions, and these documents will be implemented immediately after any changes are made.

2. The accounts

  • You confirm the following by opening an account and using the service:

    • As long as you are at least 18 years old or have complete information about how to use the services, you can use them
    • You must enter that person's information into the user account if you use a joint account, otherwise, you will be responsible for future events and abuse.
  • The user is required to enter all the required information accurately and correctly during the registration process, obviously the team responsible for building trust will request identity documents for authentication. Additionally, to issue official invoices for all orders, the national code/national ID and the postal code of the ordering users must be registered in the tax systems. If this information is not provided, a warning will be issued and, if the information is not provided, the account and services will be suspended.

  • You accept full responsibility for any action taken through your user account by accepting the service. In case of any issues, you can protect the security of your account and services by maintaining your password and confidential questions. you have. If there is a risk, you will immediately inform the support unit so that the next steps can be taken.

  • We reserve the right to reject any requests that are irrelevant and incorrect. Any request to add or change IP must be reasonable and justified.

  • We generally provide and acquire our services in Switzerland and conduct our work in Turkey. You confirm that the transfer of user account information to these two countries is unhindered, and that the account holder is required to follow the laws of the country from which the services are provided. The country where you live does not have the only jurisdiction related to it.

3. A transfer

  • We will do our best to transfer your service to us for similar services within our service. This service is provided as a courtesy to you. Each hosting company is configured differently, and some of them maintain your information in a proprietary or non-standard manner, which may prevent the transfer of all information, but in some instances it may be possible. In this regard, we are unable to assist you. After purchasing the service, you will have access to the service of transferring content, websites, and applications to our services for a period of 30 days. Costs are associated with some transfers, such as the transfer of big data. Please contact unit support for more information.

  • Changes in IP addresses and server locations are subject to approval by the technical unit based on the problem in providing services by receiving MTRs or traceroute tests. In situations such as IP blocking due to unconventional uses by a government in a particular country, the user must pay the fee. In case the amount is less than half a euro, the data center rules will apply). The new IP is valid for at least a few hours until the end of the service.

4.The content

  • With the exception of what is explained to the user in the next section of the rules We do not allow editing, copying, republishing, modifying, publishing, transferring any part of the materials on this website, such as logos, images, texts, videos, templates, or graphics. In addition, be aware that you cannot decompile, reverse engineer, isolate parts of code, or assign cryptographic codes. If you violate this, you may be prosecuted and the services will be canceled without a refund.

  • A person's content cannot be used without their permission. Pornography, arms sales, facilitating terror and acts of violence, virus-infected content, human trafficking, immoral education, money laundering education, promotion of sadism and masochism, pedophilia (harm to children) and other mental diseases are also prohibited. Using the services for these purposes may result in the complete interruption of the service without prior notice.

  • Without permission from the team, the publication of educational publications published on our website, even if they are altered, is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

5. Your users' content

  • You are responsible for the correct maintenance of your users' information, including photos and videos, usernames, service history and transactions, and other items not mentioned in this clause, and this team has no obligation to do so. For better security and to preserve information in critical times, you can buy a backup service to keep a copy of them.

  • Wilbernight does not accept responsibility for the content sent by users through the services that are provided by users due to the privacy of the users. However, you accept that our team is permitted to take corrective measures if we receive any complaints from you after informing you of this. To do the relevant: such as removing all or part of the discussed content, suspending and terminating the service in special cases like promoting violence and terrorist acts, and notifying the customer that any suspension caused by a violation in publishing the content will not result in a refund.

6. Laws of the country must be followed

  • As a result, you agree to comply with all applicable national and international laws, including those of your country of residence, the laws of the data center country where you reside, and the laws and regulations of the provider of the service. In addition, you agree that the team may share information with the data center. We do this to provide you with better services, and you are not against it. You, dear users, have the responsibility of using the services according to the rules of our partner data centers. Our team has the privilege of providing services that comply with the rules of our data centers partners.

  • If an official letter or judicial request is sent to Wilbernight from an international court of justice, Wilbernight will act upon receipt of the document.

7. Suspension cases

  • The following situations will result in the suspension of the user's account or the mentioned service without any warning, and there is no possibility of refunding the money:

    • DDOS and brute force attacks against others using our services cause your services to be banned
    • By using the Services to infect systems with Trojans, worms, and other malware, you may cause harm to users
    • Without obtaining a license from the European Union or Swiss authorities, providing services to Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, and Syria.
    • Publication of pornographic material, promotion of child marriage, promotion of pedophilia (child abuse), and promotion of terrorism (based on a list of terrorist teams from different countries that have acted against civilians)
    • In the event that proof is provided that individuals on the terror and money laundering lists are using our services, the service will be terminated.
    • Sending more than 5000 emails per day through a service other than Newsletter
    • Indebtedness occurs and payment is not received within 3 days
  • In the event that the user receives a letter of judicial action, the user must respond and take the actions mentioned. If the user fails to respond, then the item will be deleted by our team and, if it is not possible, the account will be blocked publicly until the issue is resolved by the user.

8. Persons who are prohibited (countries, legal entities, and natural persons)

  • Persons and countries on the OFAC list, the EU sanctions list, and the Swiss sanctions list cannot receive any services until the aforementioned cases are resolved. In the case of using a pseudonym and another person's account, the said account will be suspended and further actions will be taken.

  • The European Union sanctions prevent us from creating a bridge between Arvan's servers and ours, which will result in service interruptions.

9. Conditions for refunds

  • The following conditions apply to the return of the payment:

    • It is required that the service be purchased for the first time and no more than seven days have passed since its purchase.
    • Domain, SSL, VOD, AOD,DNS Anycast and Domain privacy are not included in the purchased service.
    • There must be a match between the payer's card number and the notification card number for the refund.
    • The balance of the account and the credit of the account can be withdrawn in full at any time and paid to the bank account of the same name as the payer. You will need to provide a picture of your national card or related legal information in order to receive a refund of any remaining money in your account.
    • There have been no violations of the rules while using the service.
  • Discounts and promotions codes cannot be refunded to customers or settled in dollars.

  • Whenever you cancel server services before 7 days, the cost of use time will be deducted from your refund. As you already know, each server's total cost is calculated based on 720 hours of usage

10 .Deductions from insurance are hereby disclaimed

  • On this site, no contracting services are offered and insurance deductions are not permitted by the employer. In the event of a violation, the purchased service will be suspended.On this site, no contracting services are offered and insurance deductions are not permitted by the employer. In the event of a violation, the purchased service will be suspended.

11. Join our mailing list

  • By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree to receive emails from us. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email.

12. Invoices and payment information

  • It is the user's responsibility to provide the exact postal address and national code/national ID along with their name and surname or registered name at the time of registration. We will use this information to provide quarterly transaction invoices and financial reports.(Aside from completing income tax and value added tax forms, this information will not be shared with anyone else.)

  • A failure to enter the right identity information after receiving two warnings with three-day intervals within one week will result in a permanent interruption of services and will be treated as impersonation.

  • Server rental prices are calculated hourly, except for Swiss servers, and 720 hours are the minimum payment amount.

  • After confirming the possibility of deleting the user account, the information and financial transactions associated with that account will remain with us for up to 10 years for legal reasons (anti-money laundering and internet fraud).

13. Taxes on value added

  • At the final stage of payment, the tax amount is calculated according to your country of residence, not the price listed on the services.

  • A change in the value added tax percentage in accordance with the laws of the country will be reflected in the Wilbernight user panel on the date of the announcement.

  • For countries where there is no tax obligation between us and the relevant department, we can provide an invoice without calculating the added value.

14. Events that cannot be avoided

  • When unavoidable events such as natural disasters, war, riots, strikes, embargoes, and interruptions of Internet and domestic and international communications occur, Wilbernight and its team are not responsible for non-fulfillment of their obligations. Unless these conditions last longer than three months and affect and suspend the provision of Wilbernight's services, Wilbernight will not be responsible or liable for any consequences. In spite of the fact that we try to minimize the effects of these cases on the provision of services to our users.

  • The transfer of services purchased by you can take up to 72 hours if there is an embargo or interruption of services. Naturally, this team is not responsible for information stored on servers you manage with full access. Backups must be taken periodically by the user himself or a server backup service must be purchased.

  • In case of cancellation of the contract from the partner data centers and termination of cooperation with us without warning, our team will use all its efforts to solve the related problem from 24 hours to one week, obviously at this time and in the event of similar events. However, to show good faith, we will try to provide a replacement service as soon as possible within 48 hours (gifts and free services do not fall under this clause, obviously.)

15. The use of resources

  • In all Swiss hosts and servers traffic was unlimited, and internet use was not restricted. However, compliance with international laws, including copyright, is mandatory when downloading from torrents.

  • In accordance with the announcement of the consumption threshold, the permitted amount of usage of servers from other countries is fair, and in the event of greater consumption, the user is required to pay the additional traffic charge.

  • It is possible to increase the restrictions on exclusive resources in the user panel by mentioning the reason in the user panel in a phased manner after reviewing the user panel to prevent sales by unauthorized and non-specialists.

16. Guaranteed uptime

  • As the uptime of all services was 99.99, our team was obliged to provide services in accordance with this stability, although periodic repairs were required if announced in advance within a maximum of one day per month. Our team is permitted to upgrade the security of the servers and perform standard tests on them if there are no peak hours.

  • The account party of our team in guaranteeing uptime services is the only owner of the buyer's user account, and if the buyer receives services from other users (except the authorized sales connection), our team will not be responsible for interruptions and shutdowns of the service.

17. Seller's responsibilities and conditions of sale

  • The user must have purchased at least 200$ within the last three months to qualify for the sales level.

  • Sellers will be able to offer discounts ranging from 13% to 25%.

  • A seller account can only be upgraded by Wilbernight after the user is evaluated.

  • To upgrade the account to the sales level, the passport must be scanned and a selfie taken along with it. If the national card is presented, the selfie must be taken along with it.

  • To maintain a seller account, the user must sell at least 500$ of products each year, otherwise it will revert to a regular user account.

  • You are responsible for unpaid invoices associated with the services you provide to your users, and we are responsible for technical support of your users.

  • As a user of the seller, you agree not to provide the seller's services in any way to sanctioned persons. In the event that you violate this, you will be warned and in repetition of this, your user account will be blocked as a result of your partnership with these individuals and you will be referred to legal authorities within the EU.

18. Account sharing (other than with sellers)

  • You confirm that if your account is managed or used by another person:

    • Specify the identity of your trusted person and the level of access, obviously, if this clause is violated, we are not responsible and the person logged in is considered the account owner.
    • Please take action to block the access of any person registered in your account if there is a problem or forceful dispute. Your failure to observe this clause will not make us responsible for any issues that arise.
    • The user confirms that he is diligent in maintaining the password and username of his account and does not give it to non-experts and unauthorized people even for temporary access. Once your work is completed, it is the user's responsibility to change the password.
    • User level accounts cannot be sold to other users, and if the services are viewed, they will be canceled.
  • Users who own accounts are ultimately responsible for the services they receive, not their subordinates

19. Account deletion (User)

  • In order to delete or disable a user account, the following conditions must be met:

    • All unpaid invoices must be settled by the user.
    • Upon request to delete an account, all user information except invoices and transaction information will be deleted within 72 hours, in accordance with GDPR rules.
    • Contact support via chat or the ticketing system to request the complete deletion of your user account.
  • We can take action quickly if you contact our numbers.

20. Conditions for order confirmation

  • The following conditions must be met for an order to be valid:

    • Orders should be registered without falsifying the IP address and with the ordering user's original IP address (the use of VPNs that use the network IP instead of the Internet IP will result in the order being rejected and the amount will be returned within 72 hours.)
    • Customer and user account information must be entered correctly.
    • Our site has received confirmation that our PSP has received the invoice fee and the callback confirmation has been received from them.
  • To prevent money laundering and related crimes, cryptocurrency users are required to verify their identity before paying, otherwise, after proof of payment, the fee will be returned within 72 hours after deducting the network transfer fee.

21. Preparation time for orders

  • Once the payment has been confirmed, the customized product will be prepared. Due to the time-consuming financial process, the process can take up to 48 hours after receiving a valid order.

  • Normal circumstances and common orders, such as hosting purchases, are delivered as soon as payment and confirmation are received.

22. Delivering the order

  • Upon preparation, all of our products will be available on your user panel on this website as soon as they are ready. It is obvious that an email will be sent to you once they are ready with access information and instructions (in some cases, our emails may go to your spam folder).

  • noreply[at]wilbernight[dot]net, addresses are used for all automatic product delivery emails.

  • User is responsible for not delivering the information if the e-mail listed on the site is incorrect, and he confirms to transfer the matter to the support team as soon as possible to apply the relevant changes and resend it.

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